Live Rock And Roll

About Us

Take a journey to the early days of rock n roll...all the way to the seventies.
An eclectic mix of good time rock.

4 Flight Rock was born in New Jersey and bring to life some of the best

Rock and Roll songs ever written.

Raw sound combined with vocal harmonies and a rocking back beat, will transport you back in time when Rock was the rage.

Band Members
BJ Squeens: Bass-Vocals
Mike Andreola: Guitar-Vocals
Jim Puglio: Vocals-Guitar-Harp
Mark Papianni: Drums-Percussion  

Also  perform as 

(4 Flight Rock Electric Trio)  

sans drums 

(and our beloved drummer, Mark)

For smaller venues and cocktail parties

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Here is a lovely testimonial from Patricia, who caught us at Shogun in Toms River.

So happy she and Jane had fun seeing us!

Patricia West to 4 Flight Rock  

June 11 2017· Island Heights, NJ 

 "My GF Jane and I changed our minds and went to Shogun last night, hoping to hear some music. OMG!! I can't believe for 3 freaking hours, these guys sang and played their hearts out! The set list was awesome! All MY generation music, Cream, Kinks, Stones, Beatles, CSNY, and ending with PINBALL WIZARD?? HOLY SH*T! And I swear to God, Johnny Cash was resurrected! And I didn't even PAY for a ticket to this awesome concert, on a beautiful night on the outdoor patio. We hit the music jackpot.
More than that, the passion in their performance, and how friendly they were, with family and following surrounding them, man you could feel the love.
Looks like I'll be watching to see where this band will be this summer and let my people know, that 4 Flight Rock is the real deal. Harmonies are so cool. Each vocal uniquely different, but blended impeccably. So totally blown away by lead, bass, rhythm and knock out drums.
Thank you, Jimmy and your beautiful wife for being so warm friendly and stopping by our table. We will see you all soon!"